Why ARF Electric RC Airplanes are a Great Idea for Learning

To fly RC. Once upon a time, long ago before arf electric rc airplanes, everyone had to build their own model airplanes from a bunch of balsa sticks, glue and tissue paper. But although that was fun for lots of us, the demands on our free-time has created a new breed of arf electric rc airplanes which are Almost Ready to Fly (ARF’s). These mostly come from the far east, are usually very well built and are very cost-effective (cheaper than we could probably build them ourselves). Best of all, they include everything you need to get airborne!

Arf electric rc airplanes

of all types are available from radio control jet planes to radio control trainer airplanes. They can be complete packages including the model rc airplanes, the motor and battery and the radio.  Or, the remote control airplane only, with the components to be purchased seperately.  Usually the complete package works well for a start and as skills develop, you can better decide on which type of radio control aircraft design to get next.

We have talked about finding which airplane flies best, but there are some other factors that will help you pick the best ARF for you.  If you have great vision and reflexes, then a small plane with less than a 36″ wingspan may be fine, but if you’ve been around the block a few times, maybe a 40″ – 48″ wingspan might be more suitable!  Colors are important too!  Light, bright colors on top and contrasting darker ones on the bottom will help in visual orientation.  Dark colors all over should be avoided..believe me they will add confusion at the wrong moment!  Later on, military camouflage schemes will certainly entice some, but you’ll find out that it really does make the planes harder to see!

If the ARF electric rc airplane package includes a radio system, ask if it can be used with other rc airplanes.