The Exciting World of an Electric RC Helicopter

Allows you to fly indoors or out, regardless of the weather!  For an electric rc helicopter, the adoption of new lightweight batteries and motors has meant a huge increase in interest among rc pilots, both new and experienced.  Starting around  $300, you can own a complete rtf (ready to fly) micro heli with 72 MhZ 4-channel radio, servos, speed control and integrated gyro which will put a smile on your face moments after you open the box and start flying it!  There are even toy electric rc helicopters  helicopters, for well under $100 that really do fly.  We’ll take a look at what’s available today.

Toy helicopters will generally have two motors – one for the tail and another for the main blades and while they do fly, control is not as precise or stable as you might wish.  On the other hand, a crash is not all that expensive, and you will begin to get the hang of how an  electric rc helicopter operates.

Next up the scale and selling from about $250 and up are the new micro rc helicopters that come complete with servos, a gyro and speed control and either a two motor design or a gear and shaft driven tail rotor.  They will either feature fixed-pitch main blades or more advanced  in-flight variable pitch (cyclic) main blades.  There are also electric rc helicopters  that have two pairs of counter-rotating main blades (on the same shaft!) that provide terrific stability and  an easy-to-learn flying capability to provide instant fun!  Generally, these remote control helicopters come in rtf packages with all necessary radio and battery installed by the manufacturer.

As your heli skills progress, you might wish to explore the fully aerobatic, or 3D, type of rc helicopter that will need some assembly and set-up skills.  These offer superb performance with brushless motors, LiPo batteries and dedicated rc helicopter radio functions and even scale bodies like the Huey or the  Jet Ranger.  As a more specialized part of the RC aircraft hobby, there are a number of magazines and whole books devoted just to the  rc helicopter, with great information on electric helicopters, some of which you will find listed here.