Advanced Radio Control Air Planes

With electric power for the experienced pilot of radio control air planes. Many of us who learned to fly with fuel powered engines, want to try rc planes with electric power for all the reasons of quiet and reliable and long-lasting power.

There are a lot of  good-flying rc airplanes to choose from and of course at all price ranges.  But starting simply, which radio control air planes will satisfy the desire for great aerobatics, enough speed to quicken the pulse and sufficient durability to absorb some degree of abuse.

For just under $50,there is a great flying Ultimate Biplane by EFlite that takes about 6-8 hours to glue together.  Adding  a brushless motor-$47, a LiPo battery-$75, an electronic speed control (throttle)-$43, and  a  6-channel radio with 4 micro servos – $150+ gives a total layout of $375+/-.  This plane is a 3D wonder!  It will hover, do torque rolls and all the other aerobatic routines without even breathing hard, and will stay in the air for 15-18 minutes without recharging!  This is a foam airplane though, and while it can be repaired a few times, eventually you’ll probably just move all the components to another airframe.

A bit more robust is the 54″ wingspan  Banchee E-3D which can be had for $159 plus a complete motor & gearbox  package at $250 to which you’ll add your battery pack and radio.  The advantage to this plane, which is a “built-up” balsa and plywood airframe with a film covering, is that it can be rpaired many times and with some care will last longer than its’ foam counterparts.

If a military jet “sorta-scale” plane is more to your liking, the F-27 Stryker is a ready-to-fly (RTF) F-16  look-alike that comes with  radio, motor, and battery for under $170.  You can even add a combat module that lets you and your buddy try to “shoot” each other out of the sky, by sending a radio- blast that momentarily disables your opponent’s motor!  This could be great fun!

These are the types of radio control air planes that are readily available and that an intermediate-level pilot can fly easily but that will allow you to practice advanced maneuvers as you perfect your flying skills.