Electric Powered Radio Control Jet Planes

Are a natural combination.  With the quiet, power and long flight times, radio control jet planes using high rpm electric motors have burst upon the scene in the past couple of years.  Here we are speaking of jet “turbine” power using ducted fans, where the electric motor spins a  multi-bladed fan housed in a duct to create thrust.  These motor speeds are typically in the 20,000+ RPM range.

There are more than a few companies offering ARF scale model RC jet planes. Many are smaller firms, with devoted and enthusiastic customers, producing everything from military scale models to giant transports, many using multiple ducted fans for their power.

The characteristics of these radio control jet planes tend to make them suitable for intermediate to advanced pilots.  While many of them have sufficient power for fast flight, the thrust of the motor increases with airspeed, so often a bungee-assisted launch is necessary to accomplish successful take-offs (just like an aircraft carrier launch!).  Similarly, once slowed down in the landing approach, there are no quick burst of speed to get out of trouble!

The most common and easy to fly “jets” are the sorta-jets, they look like an F-14 or F-16, but power comes from a pusher prop and electric motor.  One of the best of these is the . They can be fairly fast but are easily controlled, can withstand minor crashes because of their foam or EPP construction, and look awesome in a low pass down the field followed by a pull-up and half-roll.  Ready to fly, they need a minumum of assembly and come fully equipped with motor, prop, batteries, and radio.  With optional combat modules, you and a friend can dog-fight to lend a new dimension to radio control jet planes excitement.

Park Zone F27C Stryker

F-27C Stryker Product Description

The F-27C Stryker blasts Plug-N-Play performance out of the park with its high-power, 6-pole 1880Kv brushless motor and Eflite 30A Pro Brushless ESC give it unlimited vertical performance and blistering straight line speeds in excess of 80 mph. To handle the abrupt wing loading changes of aggressive high-speed aerobatics without getting bent out of shape, ParkZone has molded the F-27C from its tough, lightweight Z-Foam material. In the air, you can choose between high rate for dizzying pitch and roll rates, and low rate for smooth control response during paint-peeling high-speed passes—all with the flip of a transmitter switch.

If you’re looking for a spine-tingling, adrenaline pumping Plug-N-Play experience that’s unlike anything else out there, this is it.



  • 6 pole 1880Kv brushless motor
  • E-flite 30A Pro Brushless ESC with Switch Mode BEC
  • Industry standard 3 wire servos installed
  • Factory-applied Tiger Meet paint scheme and decals
  • One-piece Z-Foam™ wing