A Good Beginner’s RC Electric Airplane

And all the best park flyers share certain characteristics. An rc electric airplane for a beginner should be slow flying, light weight, gentle turning, and offer minimal aerobatic capabilities along with self-righting tendencies. This lets the new student have the best chance for a successful first flight.

Motors are typically low powered, carbon brushed, running on re-chargeable nickel cadmium or nickel metal hydride batteries. The batteries can be recharged by a simple cigarette lighter car plug in less than an hour.

Radios consist of a transmitter, handheld, powered by 8 AA cells. More expensive radios will have re-chargeable NiCd batteries and a special charger. The radios operate on frequencies of either 27 megahertz (MHz) or 72 MHz (in the US) and transmit a low-powered signal to a receiver (Rx) in the airplane. The receiver will activate “servo” motors in the plane, which translate the radio signals into motion to move the control surfaces and thus control the plane’s movements in the air.
An all-around good and recommended rc airplane for beginners is the SkyFly Electric RTF or the ParkFlyers Cessna 182 . More great information about what makes a good flying rc model airplane is available on the E-flight secrets page.

Hobbico SkyFly 3 Ch RTF Electric Park Flyer

This is the electric powered, radio controlled Ready To Fly Hobbico Flyzone Sky Fly Airplane. For beginning to intermediate fliers. FEATURES: Construction: Plastic blow molded fuselage, composite material boom Wing: Constructed of foam, one-piece design with undercambered airfoil for lift at low speeds and upswept wingtips to SkyFly Electric Park Flyerprevent tip stalls Canopy: Black plastic, removable for easy battery access Radio: 3-ch FM 2-stick with Intelli-Flight Control, Beginner Mode provides more support for entry level fliers by mixing “”up”” elevator with rudder control. Expert Mode offers more freedom and maneuverability for aerobatics Motor: 380 size Speed Control: Electronic with auto cut-off Battery: 6-cell 2/3A cell size 900mAh NiMH (HCAA3850) Charger: 12V DC peak type plugs into automobile 12V receptacle for use with any vehicle

Great Electric RTF4
I have had this plane for a while now, I have probably 65+ flights on all original equipment. It is very easy to fly and very durable. It takes off and lands great from my driveway. I can fly for about 12-14 minutes on a battery.
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Watt-Age Cessna 180 3 CH RC Electric AirPlane

WattAge Cessna 180

Cessna 180 RTF from WattAge puts it all together for you in one package! It’s a great flying and looking plane that is quiet and can be flown anywhere. The great power system using the latest nimh battery technology for lightweight and good flight times. It has a true digital proportional 4 channel FM Mode 2 Cirrus radio. Inside the plane you’ll find a true micro 4 channel FM receiver, two micro 9 gram servos, and a 7 amp electronic motor controller. This is a system so good you’ll be able to fly many other electric park flyers.

Great fun for men…5
Received in great condition, timely manner. This brought a lot of enjoyment to the man of the house. Perfect gift for any Cessna pilots or aviation hobbyist.