Fun with RTF RC Electric Helicopters

The EFlite Blade Helicopter Some all-new rtf rc electric helicopters were recently  welcomed by Radio Control pilots, including the eFlite Blade from Horizon Hobby. Coming as a ready to fly (RTF) helicopter, this little gem has redefined RTF helis. When you open the attractively illustrated box/carrying case, you will feast your eyes on a package that includes the helicopter, with motor, servos, gyro, battery and even a transmitter (on 72 MHz no less!)! And all this for about $219.00!

You simply need 8 AA batteries for the radio and it comes pre-adjusted, tested and actually ready to fly! And fly it will! Mine even had enough charge in the battery to get airborne. In fact, the instructions tell you to fly first, and then recharge your flight battery. If you’ve never flown rtf rc electric helicopters, then get the training gear – outriggers to prevent tipping over – only about $10 added and well worth it.

This is a full collective helicopter, meaning that the pitch of the blades is adjusted in flight and is coupled to the throttle. Furthermore, it is a CCPM edition, which couples three servos for high efficiency flight operation. There are any number of performance upgrades available, however most users say that the heli flies just great right out of the box. When you get into really aggressive aerobatic stunts you can add carbon symmetrical blades and more power with a LiPo battery and an upgraded motor.

An unusual feature of the Blade is the 4-in-1 radio control receiver which provides a CCPM servo mixer, gyro and throttle (ESC) combining all these functions into one matchbox-sized package. Hovering and forward flight is easy to learn with the Blade, but it is a no-wind machine, best flown indoors or in dead-calm conditions, like most rtf rc electric helicopters.

Blade CP+ RTF Electric Micro Helicopter

Nice intermediate heli5
The Blade CPP is a good, responsive heli at an attractive price. This is only my third model helicopter, so I added training gear and flat-bottomed rotors to soften it a bit and help protect it from my goofs. I’ve been flying mine for a couple of weeks now and I really enjoy the added precision and outdoor performance compared to fixed-pitch helis in the same price range

The heli is very lightly built of carbon fiber, aluminum and reinforced plastic bits. You have to preflight it when you get it to make sure everything is tight, but that’s just proper procedure. Mine came out of the box balanced and adjusted almost perfectly, a very pleasant experience.  buy a Blade and turn off the TV!