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aviation: Autumn vacation: Travel insurance can protect against high costs

The autumn holidays are just around the corner and with it the anticipation of thermal spa and hiking holidays, short trips and spontaneous trips to warm regions is increasing. Comprehensive insurance coverage is a good companion for safe and relaxed travel.

Hiking, wellness and thermal spa holidays in Austria are among the most popular activities during the autumn holidays. Cancellation insurance is the right choice to protect yourself against unplanned events, such as illness. Hotel Cancellation Plus offers financial protection and support, for example in the event of trip cancellation or cancellation, an involuntary vacation extension or mountain distress. Even with careful tour planning, changes in the weather can lead to search and rescue operations, the costs of which are not fully covered by social security.

If you have booked a trip to a non-European country, it is best to plan for complete protection from European travel insurance with extensive services. If you become ill abroad, you will quickly need medical treatment on site. In the worst case scenario, an accident can require expensive transport back to Austria. In the event of failure, the e-card does not have to be used for travel insurance. It is only accepted in public hospitals and by doctors with a health insurance contract in the member states of the European Union and countries with bilateral agreements and does not cover medical or cancellation costs or costs for return transport. The travel insurance has no age limits and – if medically necessary – also covers the costs of repatriation in the ambulance jet.

The trend for holidaymakers to travel overnight in autumn in addition to summer and winter holidays is also reflected in booking behavior: demand for annual travel insurance is increasing. They offer a comprehensive service package for short trips, vacations and long-distance trips and are therefore ideal for families who want to be safe on all activities. The extensive package of services includes medical treatment abroad (outpatient and inpatient), search and rescue costs, protection in the event of delays, luggage insurance, personal travel liability insurance, and worldwide assistance services.

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