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aviation: Frankfurt: Anti-Skid Coating Proves to Be a “Tyre Killer”


The new anti-skid coating on the freshly renovated north-west runway at Frankfurt Airport was actually intended to reduce tire wear. But exactly the opposite is the case and the slope was closed as a precaution.

One day earlier than originally announced, the airport operated by Fraport was able to put the Northwest runway into operation on Wednesday. But the slope has to be closed again on Thursday because there are significant problems. The tire abrasion should not be lower, but significantly higher than on conventional slopes.

Several airlines, including top dog Lufthansa, have approached the management of Germany’s largest airport and complained that the tire wear on the north-west runway is significantly higher than it was before the renovation. The anti-skid coating should actually lead to less wear.

A circular was sent within Lufthansa, which is available to Aviation.Direct. Among other things, it can be read that when landing on this runway, there is « an accumulation of tires that can no longer be used after landing ». The airport operator is taking preliminary action and is closing the runway for troubleshooting purposes. DFS has also been informed accordingly.

A media officer on behalf of Fraport explains that increased damage to tires has occurred and because flight safety is the priority, the Northwest Runway is currently not being used. It is currently not possible to estimate how long the troubleshooting and a possible newer renovation will take.

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