You are currently viewing aviation: Jankovec criticizes Letta report: “A missed opportunity for aviation”

aviation: Jankovec criticizes Letta report: “A missed opportunity for aviation”


The high-level report on the future of the EU's internal market, prepared by former Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta and presented last month, was aimed at providing strategic guidance for the future of the EU, ahead of the start of the new 5-year political cycle with the upcoming elections to the European Parliament and the appointment of a new European Commission.

On May 3, Olivier Jankovec, Director General of ACI EUROPE, shared his perspective on the report. Titled “The Letta Report & Aviation: A Missed Opportunity,” Jankovec’s commentary supports the report’s ambitions and its recommendations for deepening the EU’s internal market – but complains that the report only talks about “simplifying air transport” and the essentials challenges facing the sector remain largely unaddressed.

Jankovec expressed significant concerns that the Letta report addresses the challenge of decarbonizing aviation exclusively through reforming air traffic management and connecting all European capitals by high-speed trains.

In his contribution, Jankovec wrote: “The report says nothing about the key issue of producing and supplying sustainable aviation fuels across the airport network; Nothing about how to support the development and deployment of zero-emission aircraft (…); nothing about the need to include aviation and airports in energy transition policies (…); and nothing about how the green transformation of aviation can be financed. The Letta report's silence on all these issues is difficult to understand, since their formulation will be crucial to maintaining the socio-economic benefits of aviation and, in particular, coherence. If anything, they show that the single market really needs a transformation of EU aviation, not just a simplification.”

January 2008 return to relocate. His comments underscore the need for both a comprehensive and balanced approach to aviation in the domestic market: one that prioritizes sustainability, resilience, competitiveness and cohesion and considers connectivity from a mode-neutral perspective.

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