You are currently viewing aviation: « New Air Malta » is scheduled to take off at the end of 2023

aviation: « New Air Malta » is scheduled to take off at the end of 2023


The die has now been cast for the future of the state airline Air Malta, because the government wants to close the carrier by the end of 2023 and through a new airline that will also be state-owned. While it will continue « seamlessly » for passengers & those from Air Malta will re-apply for their jobs. This means that resistance from the trade unions and staff representatives is already inevitable.

The fact that Air Malta is not in a particularly good financial position and could possibly be closed or replaced is not news. However, the exact time has not yet been determined and the wearer himself has remained silent. CEO David Curmi told the Times of Malta: « We are about to end longer, more complex and more complex discussions with the European Commission, who didn’t want a copy of Air Malta. We have shown the Commission that we mean business ». While they are applying for their jobs with the successor, who is to be officially founded shortly, When, it should continue seamlessly for the passengers.

The name of the « new Air Malta » has not yet been decided. There are various rumours, but there are a number of indications that the « New Company » could simply acquire the naming rights, following the example of repeated Alitalia restarts, and thus outwardly everything would continue for the passengers as if nothing had happened. It is already known that the days of Malta MedAir are numbered, because the second state carrier, which was once founded to be able to achieve cheaper pilot wages and later to be able to carry out the XLR operation, which has since been abandoned, is also to “disappear”. It was recently planned that MedAir’s new state airline assets would be implemented in order to be able to make a clear cut to Air Malta, at least visually. However, the exact implementation of the facets has by no means been fully planned, so that others can still change.

“The new airline will not compete on price, but on service. This will be our competitive advantage,” announces the acting Air Malta boss. However, the problem is particularly complicated because on many routes you have Ryanair, often operated by Malta Air, as a competitor. It is precisely the strong presence of low-cost airlines at Luqa Airport that has made life difficult for Air Malta, which has significantly higher production costs, for many years.

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