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aviation: Space travel: New research projects in Lower Austria

At a media discussion in the Innovation Lab in Wiener Neustadt on Wednesday, LH deputy Stephan Pernkopf presented space research projects and emphasized: “Lower Austria is a leader in space research.” Modern know-how from Lower Austria is now on board in countless missions. Wiener Neustadt is the nucleus when it comes to training, research and successful spin-offs from technical universities and research companies. On the one hand, this city has a long tradition in classic aviation and, on the other hand, a great future in space travel.”

The Wiener Neustadt University of Applied Sciences is home to Austria’s first space study program with over 120 graduates to date. “The students are currently developing the CLIMB satellite. We will now provide the last financial resources needed for the start, up to 100,000 euros. “This means that the blue-yellow satellite can be launched in 2025 and Lower Austria can conquer space,” announces Pernkopf. FOTEC, in turn, is a research subsidiary of the Wiener Neustadt University of Applied Sciences and is involved in international projects. Environmentally friendly chemical engines and hybrid propulsion systems for satellites are currently being developed.

This “CP/EP Thruster Development” project is funded with 2.85 million euros in the state of Lower Austria. Pernkopf stated: “The space engine of the future is being developed in the state of Lower Austria and the whole of Europe is looking forward to the results of blue-yellow science.” Lower Austria is participating in research for new satellite technology because it is good for people These titles include navigation, cell phones, etc. and are good for the associated high-quality jobs and increased added value. Thirdly, it is important that sensible technology is also researched in Europe and not just in the USA and China, said Pernkopf. There are now around 20 aerospace companies with around 1,500 employees at the Wiener Neustadt location.

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