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aviation: Vereinigung Cockpit objects to the SAF admixture


A few days ago, the EU Parliament decided that airlines must add SAF from 2025. By 2025, the proportion is to be continuously increased. Criticism of the approach comes from the pilots’ union Vereinigung Cockpit.

This expressly does not speak out against SAF fuels, but against the planned course of action of the European Union. There are fears that there could be competitive disadvantages for European airlines. The background IS that the planned regulation will only apply to carriers based in the EU area. Airlines based elsewhere are allowed to fly entirely without involvement of the SAF admixture.

“This agreement, which is good on the one hand but incomplete on the other, WILL certainly lead to traffic shifts to non-European hubs due to economic disadvantages for our airlines. Shifting traffic always means job shifting. We must finally reconcile the preservation of our jobs, international competition in air transport and climate protection. Only a balance of social, economic and ecological sustainability can be successful for Europe in the long term. Without strong air traffic, we are subject to dependencies that could permanently endanger our sovereignty, » says VC President Stefan Herth.

In its media statement, the Cockpit Association also points out that there are quotas for sustainable fuels outside the EU. The result: “The agreement reached will therefore benefit non-European airlines, especially in the Middle East, because they only have to fill up with the natural fuels for the short routes out of the EU. All onward flights after changing at their hubs will continue to be operated with fossil kerosene. Emissions are therefore only shifted from the EU to other countries, which does not advance climate protection, but distorts competition ».

The Verein Cockpit article first criticized the SAF admixture on Aviation.Direct.

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