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aviation: Chamber of Commerce warns of dangerous branded goods in holiday countries


Many vacationers know this situation: Beach vendors offer all kinds of goods in many countries. High-quality branded goods are available at negotiable and reasonable prices at markets, bazaars and in small shops. Most are aware that they are often fakes, but often the greed for a bargain wins. The Chamber of Commerce warns.

A cheap t-shirt with a brand logo from Mallorca, a luxury watch from the beach in Turkey or a perfectly imitation handbag from a street vendor in Paris: Counterfeit goods are being sold in large numbers, especially with the holiday season just beginning. Holiday souvenirs include high-quality branded clothing, handbags, sunglasses, watches and shoes. « The holiday season is the high season for brand and product piracy – a business that hurts domestic entrepreneurs in particular and flushes billions into the pockets of product counterfeiters, » says Margarete Gumprecht, head of the trade division at the Vienna Chamber of Commerce.

Although the bargain price counts for many holidaymakers, this is exactly the main starting point. « Even if it’s tempting, you should think twice before reaching for a fake handbag or sunglasses. » The extremely cheap goods are often only a bargain at first glance. Counterfeiting not only harms the domestic economy and destroys jobs with us, they are often produced cheaply and under poor working conditions, are of poor quality and are not worth even the little money. » Is a product only half the price or does it cost a third of the price usual price, it is usually not genuine: « The perfume of a luxury brand or the luxury handbag at a street stall or from a street vendor on the beach for a ridiculous price should make you suspicious ». In addition: The buyers have none Warranty claims against the original manufacturer After all, they bought counterfeit products.

The tradeswoman advises checking the purchased goods in your personal luggage before leaving the holiday country. The following applies: “Ignorance does not protect you from punishment.” If you take the green exit at customs when you arrive in Vienna, you should be sure that there is nothing illegal in your suitcase. Bringing larger quantities of counterfeit branded products, especially for friends and acquaintances, is not a good idea.” Caution should also be exercised when dealing with the authorities in the holiday countries. In Italy or France, for example, vacationers who allegedly buy counterfeit goods face high fines.

The Austrian customs office plays an important role in the fight against counterfeiters, because ideally the counterfeit goods will not even enter the country. Last year, around 4,000 customs seizures were recorded – the second highest value of counterfeit products ever recorded with an equivalent value of the original goods of 6.7 million euros. Most of the goods come from China, India and Turkey. In addition to the controls at the external borders and at airports etc., you will also find more and more products of dubious origin being imported into the country via online purchases. According to the Treasury Department’s latest product piracy report, as many as half of the counterfeit products seized at EU borders were bought online.

« When products are sold far below the price, you have to pay attention. » You should also take a close look if the certificate of authenticity is missing for high-priced goods – this applies at home and abroad, online and offline. « Buying at home is and remains the better choice, » concludes Gumprecht.

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