You are currently viewing aviation: Flying Group expands its fleet with another PC-24 Super Versatile Jet

aviation: Flying Group expands its fleet with another PC-24 Super Versatile Jet

Belgian charter company Flying Group has signed a contract to take delivery of its ninth PC-24 Super Versatile Jets. The company has been using these Pilatus aircraft since 2020. Flying Group, headquartered at Antwerp Airport, provides aircraft management and rental services worldwide and operates a fleet of over 50 business jets, including nine PC-24s.

The new PC-24 will be unveiled on May 16, 2024, with a unique design that includes elegant gray lines and Swiss edelweiss flowers. The acquisition of this aircraft will allow the Flying Group to make its fleet even more versatile and capable, which will benefit both passengers and crews.

Johan van Lokeren, CEO of the Flying Group, informs you about the strengthening of the PC-24 fleet and the popularity of the Super Versatile Jets among customers. André Zimmermann, VP Business Aviation, highlighted the versatility and performance of the PC-24 and emphasized the improved payload capacity and range of the new model.

The new PC-24 offers a higher payload capacity and an increased range, which is particularly advantageous in the charter sector. The optimized cabin equipment and additional storage space offer passengers additional comfort and convenience.

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