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aviation: ÖBB with more profits and passengers in 2023


The Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) performed well economically in the 2023 financial year despite an energy crisis, high inflation and a general economic downturn. A key reason for this was the positive development of passenger numbers: with almost 494 million passengers traveling by train or bus, ÖBB recorded an increase of 10.5% compared to the previous year, thus reaching a new record. Despite a 42.2% decline in earnings before taxes (EBT) to 111.6 million euros, which is due to a special effect in the previous year, the ÖBB Group was able to generate a solid increase overall.

All ÖBB subgroups made profits in 2023: ÖBB Passenger Transport closed with 109.1 million euros, the ÖBB Rail Cargo Group with 13 million euros and ÖBB Infrastructure with 7.7 million euros. While passenger transport saw record ridership, freight transport saw an 8.4% decline due to the recessionary industrial environment. Punctuality is falling as passenger numbers increase, but is still a respectable 95.0% across the system.

CEO Andreas Matthä emphasized the role of passengers in this success and was pleased with the influx and popularity. CFO Manuela Waldner pointed out that despite difficult economic conditions, all subgroups achieved positive results. Freight transport in particular was hit by the economic downturn and high electricity prices. In order to make the shift to rail more attractive, ÖBB is investing in intermodal offerings.

ÖBB passenger transport achieved a 15% increase in sales to 3,136.3 million euros in 2023, but earnings before taxes fell by 31% due to increased electricity prices. The Rail Cargo Group recorded a slight decline in total revenue despite difficult market conditions, while ÖBB Infrastructure was able to increase its revenue by 27%.

In total, the ÖBB Group invested a record sum of 4.5 billion euros in the railway infrastructure and fleet in 2023. The focus is on special projects such as the Semmering Base Tunnel and the electrification of regional trains. The ÖBB is also relying on renewable energies in order to increase its share of self-sufficiency in the traction power sector by 2030.

Looking ahead to the current year, CEO Andreas Matthä expects the “rail boom” to continue. Growth areas include micro-transport and software solutions as well as freight and local transport abroad. Despite the geopolitical crises and the inflationary environment, ÖBB is sticking to its long-term goal of further expanding and improving the mobility and logistics offering as well as the railway infrastructure.

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