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aviation: Yerevan: Air Arabia offshoot Fly Arna is on the ground

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The Armenian Air Arabia subsidiary Fly Arna has temporarily suspended its flight operations. According to the official announcement, this should only be temporary, as they are actively working on resumption.

The carrier is positioned at the low-cost airline and is an offshoot of Air Arabia. The majority is owned by the Armenian National Interests Foundation. The Air Arabia Group holds the remaining shares. In October 2021, the Armenian government subsidized the company’s founding with the equivalent of ten million US dollars.

The aim of the cooperation was to build a kind of national carrier for Armenians. Two Airbus A320s, which come from the Air Arabia Group, are in use at peak times. The last time we traveled with one machine was just overnight. Fly Arna was only granted an AOC and operating license in June 2022.

The first flight was carried out on July 3, 2024 and was from Yerevan to Hurghada. Russian travel destinations such as Sochi were also included in the portfolio. A shareholders’ meeting did not take place until December 25, 2023. In these cases, the share capital is increased to five million US dollars.

The cessation of flight operations took place at the beginning of February 2024. Before that, Fly Arna was only sporadically in the air. The company did not provide any further information about the possible timing of the aviation comeback. In any case, the homepage has also been taken offline in the meantime.

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