Learning to Fly RC Planes

Is ALWAYS easiest and safest with an experienced rc planes instructor. Instructors will be members of local rc clubs which are found all over the country.  There is a national organization, the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) that publishes a list of all the sanctioned clubs in the U.S.with their addresses. They also provide insurance, education. and guidance for all aspects of this exciting hobby including contests and shows.

Visit the AMA website for more information.

Local rc plane clubs will require you to join the AMA as a condition of membership, and this will also allow you to enjoy the use of their facilities and instuction in rc plane flight.

Flight instruction usually includes a safety inspection of your new plane and a series of one-on-one lessons designed to teach you the basics of  taking-off, circling the field, and landings.  Even with a small electric training plane you should expect to find a strong emphasis on safety..since even a tiny plane can inflict serious damage to people or property when flown carelessly.

What we don’t recommend is going out to your local park and trying to teach yourself to fly.  Not only will you endanger people around you, but it is nearly a 100% guarantee that you will crash!  So save time, money, embarassment and possibly even danger and make a few phone calls to find an instructor to help you fly!

You can start by yourself using an rc airplane flight simulator such as the Real Flight Simulator which not only contains a variety of radio control planes and helicopters, but actually has an instructor module to get you going.  While this isn’t quite the same as the real thing, you still can learn a lot, have a bunch of fun and not worry about having to fix your plane when you crash!