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aviation: SAF: Lanzajet and Southwest work together

LanzaJet plans to undertake project development for the SAF production facility in the United States, with Southwest acting as SAF’s anchor offtaker.

The biorefinery is designed to leverage LanzaJet’s breakthrough technology capable of scaling production to the levels needed to decarbonize aviation through widely available and sustainable feedstocks, new commercial solutions based on residues and a promising economy. LanzaJet is also equipped and marketing air conditioning, SAFFiRE technology and corn stover and ethanol processing in the Southwest.

“The US is an incredibly important market for us – it is our home where our technology was developed and scaled, the location and the world’s first commercial ethanol-to-SAF plant, and an important opportunity to leverage existing US biofuel. “- and support the ethanol industry with our leading ethanol-to-SAF technology,” says Jimmy Samartzis, Managing Director of LanzaJet. “The combination of Southwest and LanzaJet is a powerful combination that has the potential to integrate the SAF value chain and strengthen the U.S. ethanol, aviation and biofuels industries.” Our work together will bring us closer to aviation’s decarbonization goals by continuing to expand SAF production in the United States while “harnessing” the U.S. ethanol industry’s potential as a catalyst for the next generation of SAF production.

The US plant to be developed by LanzaJet will also provide the ability to convert SAFFiRE’s cellulosic ethanol into SAF. “We are taking the next step on our sustainability journey to achieve our goal of net zero by 2050,” said Bob Jordan, president and chief executive officer of Southwest Airlines. “We look forward to working with LanzaJet as they develop a potentially important technology that could provide Southwest with additional opportunities to procure scalable SAF – a critical component to the success of our environmental sustainability goal of 10% of our aviation fuel consumption from SAF by 2030 . » substitute. »

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